9mm 1.0.0

Fun first person shooter mafia game


  • Excellent graphics and sound
  • Lots of different scenarios
  • Vast arsenal of weapons
  • Multiplayer supports up to 12


  • Lacks levels


9mm for Mac is an intense First Person Shooter where your job is to fight organized crime.

9mm features excellent graphics, gameplay and online multiplayer action. You play the role of "madman" John Kannon and have to lead a team specialized in fighting crime. The murder of one of the underworld's biggest drug lords has set off a gang war and it's your job to bring justice back to the streets.

The plot unfolds gradually through different scenarios such as the favelas of South American neighborhoods, to industrial areas, police stations etc. During the game, you have to capture informants or gang leaders to interrogate and obtain inside information.

9mm is primarily an action game with excellent 3D graphics great thickness and some cinematic gameplay. You have a vast arsenal of weapons at your disposal including pistols, machine guns, rifles and several other guns. In story mode, there are only 12 levels however which is a bit limited.

In addition to single player, there are multiplayer modes in 9mm of up to 12 players and a winner takes all last man standing Team Deathmatch.

9mm is an excellent first person with plenty of depth to keep you going for a while.



9mm 1.0.0

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